Signature Spell Oils

Made exclusively by The Beach Witch

My signature spell oils are exclusive formulas one can only find at The Beach Witch Shoppe.

Available in my shoppe

Made with Essential Oils and Pure Essence Oils

Only the finest quality essential oils and pure essence oils are used in my potions.

Organic carrier oils, such as: Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil are added to insure freshness and a longer shelf life.

Never Prepackaged

All potions and spell oils are made fresh within 12 hours of shipping. They are never made in advance or prepackaged.

Charged with Positive Energy

Each potion is charged with positive energy for its particular intent. They are geared towards fulfilling the need/desire of the customer.

Concentrated Formulas

My 3 & 5 ml spell oils are very concentrated.  A little goes a ling way....

Suitable for one to three uses in pure form.


They may also be diluted with another carrier oil for multiple uses.

Magickal Blessings from The Beach Witch )O(